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When youre looking for the latest technology to put in your home,  it worth considering Motorized Window Shades. All homes can benefit from some form of motorization but consider the advantages of remotely shutting the window shades in a babies room, entertainment room or bedroom. cover up sky lines or other hard to reach window shades that would otherwise be impossible to operate. Motorized window shades are the perfect addition to the modern household!

Sky Line

Here at shades of beuaty we carry a wide variety of automated and motorized window shades. enjoy luxury, convenience, prestige in your home or office and transform the entire atmosphere with the press of a button. with the advention of new motors and power systems, motorized shades are now more affordable than ever. Customer friendly, simple, point and click motorized shades make it easier than ever to adjust shades in all those hard to reach places like skylights. no more meddling with cords or manually adjusting each window, setup an entire room to work on a single remote and control the entire atmosphere with pre made settings!

Motorized Pirouette Shades

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